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If you have already made one mistake don't make another. Hire the best legal team you can. 

We have a team approach to representation.  Each week our team of lawyers and paraprofessionals meet to discuss cases and what needs to get done.  At Wisner & Wisner, LLP we provide a superior level of service as evidenced by our RESULTS  and client TESTIMONIALS.

ConsiderREPUTATION, EXPERIENCE and RESULTS as the hallmarks of choosing the best lawyer for you.


Reputation is more than advertising.  While most lawyers advertise, reputation in the community remains the best way to find a DWI defense lawyer.  Ask police or judges who they would recommend.  Ask a family lawyer whom he or she would recommend and then interview the most recommended lawyer to find the best.  Reputation is more than a name. 

Check the lawyer's Martindale-Hubble™ rating.  Martindale-Hubble has been the standard for peer review rating of lawyers nationally and internationally. 

Martindale Hubbel
WISNER & WISNER has attorneys with a higher peer review rating.
Honorable Donald J. Wisner has a BV® DistinguishedTM rating. 

Check with Better Business Bureau.  Is the law firm a member of the Better Business Bureau?  The Better Business Bureau has standards that its members must abide by and they keep track of complaints filed against businesses. 

Better Business Bureau 
WISNER & WISNER has an A+ Rating.
WISNER & WISNER has been a member for many years.


Is the lawyer recognized in other peer review associations?  SuperLawyers is another basis for the rating of lawyers by state and nationally. 


WISNER & WISNER has attorneys recognized by
SuperLawyers Upstate for DWI Defense.
Honorable Donald J. Wisner was rated as a
SuperLawyer in Upstate New York in DWI law


Meet with the lawyer who goes to court. Some law firms lure clients in with the name of a reputable attorney but will charge a client five or six times more money to appear in court with you.  Instead, a less reputable, less experienced, lawyer meets you in the court room. Don't meet with the head of the firm. Meet the lawyer who will be representing you in court. What is that lawyers reputation?

How many years has the lawyer defended DWI clients? If an associate is going to appear in court with you ask for a copy of his/her resume.  How many years has the associate attorney been defending DWI clients? Is most of their experience working for the government? Todd J.W. Wisner has been defending DWI clients for eighteen years

Percentage of cases handled. Ask the lawyer what percentage of the law firm files does he/she handle in court or go to trial on? If the lawyer can't go to court with you due to conflicts ask what conflict is more important that you.

Reduce fees. Will the fee be discounted if the less reputable, less experienced, lawyer comes to court? If so, what kind of representation are you getting? Does the reduced fee equate to less of a reputation? Less experience? Could you get better representation for that fee?

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