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Before you venture out to have fun with friends or family the best way to avoid a DWI is to plan ahead. If you know you are going to drink:

1. Select a Designated Driver to drive you home.

2. Call a taxi to pick you and your friends up. A taxicab is not very expensive considering the consequences you might face. Having taken a taxi when you go out does not tempt you to drive home. We recommend VRA Imperial Limousine, Inc. Call VRA Imperial at 585.288.2277 or 800.303.6100.

3. Find a friend who has not been drinking to drive you home. Alternately, call a friend or family member to pick you up. Its more embarassing to get bailed out of jail than it is to ask someone to drive you home.

4. Take public transportation such as a bus or free shuttle. In the city of Rochester, New York take the E-Z rider shuttle. It is free and stops at many of the restaurants and bars. American Public Transportation Association (New York web sites) and Rochester Genesee Regional Transporation Authority

5. Call your lawyer. It is not our policy to provide a taxi service to the general public. However, the law firm of Wisner & Wisner, LLP, has picked up former clients who are in an emergency situation and do not have a ride home. Rather than have our clients charged with a felony we have provided emergency services. Your lawyer may also be able to provide you with an alternative to driving if you believe it is unsafe to do so.



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